The Rochester/Auburn Hills Community Coalition is dedicated to supporting healthy lifestyle choices, preventing and reducing substance misuse and promoting safety in collaboration with youth, families and other sectors of society.

Our efforts and programs are primarily focused on youth, but include building adult awareness of the factors influencing our community’s children – including peer pressure and parental behaviors – and providing support in resolving the issues we all face.

We are a volunteer, collaborative organization of area residents, professionals, business leaders, and community leaders.


The best way to influence your child to avoid drinking or drug use is to have a strong, trusting relationship with him or her. When parents tell their children they strongly disapprove of youth drinking alcohol or using drugs, children are less likely to engage in using them. Begin talking to your children at an early age about the risks associated with drug and alcohol use. Use our list of program guides to get started. 


This report summarizes noteworthy findings regarding middle and high school student drug and alcohol use, risks associated with use, and drug and alcohol perceptions from the most recent Michigan Profile for Healthy Youth (MIPHY) survey.


Michigan experienced over a 31% increase in suicides since 1999 among ages 15 - 34.


From 1999 to 2015, Oakland county suffered 19+ deaths due to opioid overdose for ages 12 to 18.